Build it Right the First Time

You could call our philosophy "new-fangled old-school." At Brien Hodges & Associates, LLC, we believe in the adage that anything worth doing is worth doing right... the first time. Wanting solutions that address the true needs of your business? Seeking greater efficiencies for increased productivity? Preparing for growth? We cater our strategies to your enterprise's specific objectives. And our solutions are built to last.

Architectural Wonder: Roman Aqueducts at Pont de Gard, France
  • Vision

    Each client is unique and each project presents different challenges. We strive to look beyond a conventional box of tricks to determine the technologies and approaches that are best suited to your operation's particular need. We work with you to define your objectives and peer into the future to ensure that the foundation we lay today will serve you well tomorrow. Who

  • Focus

    We specialize in creating data-driven web applications. Our technologies of choice are Adobe ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server, but we offer expertise in other arenas as well. We are a network of professionals with specialized skills in an array of technologies. This enables us to provide services ranging from application and database architecture to application development and enhancement to modernization or integration with legacy systems. How

  • Support

    We stand behind our work. Our commitment to our clients is absolute because your business IS our business. Whether you need ongoing or intermittent maintenance, troubleshooting, database or application support or even dedicated server configuration and maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to provide a level of support that keeps your web business trouble-free. Contact Us